New Radio Show Day And Time

“The Financial Physician” radio show has now moved back to Sunday at 11:00 AM ET on WOBM AM 1160.

The show is back home where we spent  12 years bringing you no-nonsense financial advice on your Sunday morning.

The podcast link will be up on Monday mornings.





  1. Best show on the radio – I am one of those who down load, I down load each show several times a week. I also post to my facebook, so I know many of my friends and family download you show. a well,

    It is critical that we meet, as I am 55 and have nothing in place and I do have a lot going on financially. I will call soon and get together so when I retire I will not have to eat cat food, and or leave a big mess for my kids.

    Most important I must get all my financials down on paper, as right now I am everywhere., and no where. Have to know my numbers.

    Thank you – again I love your show, and I know this is not something you do for money but for the love you have in helping all of us who are upside down, and do not have a clue

    – keep up the great work, I l learn so much from your show, and I am amazed how similar our social and political views are to mine – Will meet you soon as painful as it is to get my act together


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