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  1. Sir, my elderly patient and I listen to your show today ( 3/4/2016) and we thoroughly enjoyed it,especially when you recited the letter written by the 80-year-old man about , Donald Trump. Is it possible that you would be able to put that on your blog ? I would love to send it to someone, actually I would like to send it to many people thank you again. Kim Ely. PS: When the show from today is up on your website I will also listen to it again thank you.

  2. Lou,
    I saw the disrupted Chicago Trump Rally on the news last night.
    It’s never said enough, but two of our most important God given rights preserved by the US Constitution are the Freedom of Speech and Peaceful Assembly. These rights were obstructed by the protest in Chicago. The people who had tickets to hear Donald Trump had their rights denied by a collection of jackboot inspired useful idiots, some were waving Mexican and Chinese flags.

    (Its a fair bet that the Mexican flag was held by an illegal alien, whose presence is a violation of US law. And in Beijing, there are not many opportunities to nominate and elect any but one party’s candidate. Maybe THAT’S the flavor of “Democracy” being promoted in the symbolism.)

    I’m a US Navy veteran descending from a long line of US military veterans. I’m not a huge fan of foreign flags waved in my country. I’d appreciate the respectful display of the US Flag at important events. I’ll make sure to set the example at a future Trump event.

    More important than flags are the thousands of people who had their event canceled – a hallmark of fascist censorship. The republican establishment AND the democratic establishment are beside themselves that a self funded candidate without puppet strings attached has become a viable Presidential candidate. George Soros and the republican establishment ( Mitt Romney, Karl Rove, talking heads Bill Kristol, and Larry Summers) seek to disrupt Trumps run for office.

    Both parties have abandoned the working Middle Class and are appalled that the Middle Class, members of both parties found a candidate who understands.

    It appears evident that the events will turn violent and perhaps bloody and that’s a shame.
    America is a better place than that. I urge people to be peaceful and respond with a smile instead of rage. Its going to get uglier before it gets better.

    I review with my children – that we have a right to Free Speech. Sometimes Free Speech offends people. There is NO RIGHT to not be offended. For us to have Free Speech, others have to have Free Speech. Hear them out. When any of us lose that right, Hitler pauses from his torment and smiles from Hell.

  3. gregory lttleton says

    dear lou,

    my sincere thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.God bless you always.

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