Author: Louis Scatigna

YouTube April 15th 2020

Stimulus payments should already be in your account if you had direct deposit of your tax refund. Congress today proposed more stimulus to families. They want to give most people over 16 a monthly deposit of $2,000 every month for at least the next 6 months.

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YouTube Update April 11, 2020

Stimulus payments start Monday but only if the IRS has direct deposit information. What you can do now to provide this information after you filed your taxes.

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YouTube Update April 7, 2020

Today I discuss the big 2 day stock market rally as well as new IRA and 401-k distribution rules. After the virus will we have to endure a Depression.

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Latest YouTube April2, 2020

Today I discuss how seniors who don’t file taxes will receive their stimulus payment, there are no RMDs this year, and these crazy financial markets

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YouTube Update March 30, 2020

Today I update you on Coronavirus and it’s effect on financial markets and the long-term world economy. I also explain the stimulus bill in more detail

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Louis Scatigna YouTube Channel

Now that “The Financial Physician” radio show is on hiatus, I have relaunched my old YouTube Channel. I will up dare the channel a number of times per week based on financial market news. I also thinking about doing a live broadcast on Sunday mornings same time as my radio show aired. What do you

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