Lou Scatigna is a veteran financial advisor with over 34 years in the financial services field. Lou is a Certified Financial Planner, tax accountant, investment broker, personal finance author and radio talk show host.

Lou has hosted the top rated “The Financial Physician” radio show on WOBM AM 1160 in New Jersey for the past 17 years. In August 2009 the program went national when he started broadcasting the program on XM Satellite Radio. Lou gives his audience straightforward tough love and stresses the importance of financial responsibility and financial literacy. His unorthodox approach has branded him as a maverick who does not hesitate to question and challenge both trendy and traditionally accepted financial-industry views. Lou’s radio programs can be found on his radio show website ( He also provides additional comments and advice in his daily blog.

Lou’s advice is built on rock-solid research and information and based on well-reasoned approaches that have consistently passed the test of time. He excels at explaining and demystifying complex financial matters and putting them in clear, direct language that everyone can quickly grasp.

In December 2009, Lou published his first book, “The Financial Physician: How to Cure Your Money Problems and Boost Your Financial Health.” By making analogies to physical health, Lou explains in clear, straightforward language how to repair your financial health. A dynamic and popular speaker, Lou has been quoted in numerous newspapers and websites including USA Today, the Dallas Morning News, Fox, and He has also appeared on over 100 national and local television programs including Fox News, Fox Business, MSNBC and CNBC.