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A Black Man Educates On Democrat and Republican History Regarding Racism

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COVID Legacy Is Inflation…How To Protect Yourself

Today I discuss the financial legacy of the Coronavirus, Inflation and hyper-inflation. I also discuss the hyperinflation during Germany’s Wiemar Republic. Things that you should …

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More Stimulus? $4,000 Vacation Credit? Statue Insanity YouTube June 30, 2020

Today I discuss the prospects for more stimulus checks, a proposal for a$4,000/person vacation tax credit and the crazy left’s push to remove statues.

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The Economy is Going To Get Worse Before it gets better YouTube

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Why I believe the May Job numbers are unbelievable. YouTube

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“The Big Steal” “Incredible” Job Numbers-15, and Insane Stock Market- YouTube

Today I discuss the bogaus job numbers, how the elite are stealing our wealth, and why the stock market has lost reality.

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