The Financial Physician


The Financial Physician is the Grey’s Anatomy of financial books.  It is at once a primer on wealth and investing, and a comprehensive, well-annotated resource for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced investor.

More than just comparing financial health to physical health, this unique book shows that financial health is not separate from the individual’s well being.  The stresses and pressures both of managing wealth incorrectly and of wondering if you’re making the best decisions can directly and adversely impact the one’s welfare.  The advice and guidance presented here is the proper nutrition and exercise for the financial self.

In these chapters readers will easily come to see how damaging spending patterns are linked to unrealistic feelings of entitlement and other impulses that he calls our Financial Psychology.  The Financial Physician provides step-by-step methods of taming these obsessions, and replacing them with sound, coherent decision making models.

Author Lou Scatigna has found that even the most complicated financial principles are easily understood through his trademark comparisons to principles of health.  A problem with one internal system can cause the whole body to fail.  A problem in a specific aspect of one’s financial self can debilitate their whole financial profile.  A medically afflicted person turns to a physician; a financially afflicted person can be restored to health by observing The Financial Physician‘s guidance.