The Financial Physician


Do you know the difference between Good Credit and Bad Credit?  How about between a Money Market Account and a Money Market Fund?  When is an ARM preferable to a traditional 30-year mortgage?  Take the Financial Illiteracy Quiz in Chapter One.  Like filling out a medical history for your doctor, this quiz will gauge your health…your financial health.

The Financial Physician is different than other books in its genre because it doesn’t treat the financial aspect of an individual’s life as something distinct from the individual.  The way we manage debt, credit, and our estates can have a direct influence on our physical heath, the central relationships in our lives, and our happiness.

Can you distinguish between a solid opportunity and “Wall Street thievery”?  Can you tell a qualified financial advisor from a hack?  Is the vaunted Dow Jones Average really the best barometer of the stock market?  Not knowing can ruin you.  Don’t make a move until you’ve read this book.

The descriptions in The Financial Physician of financial instruments; sources of information; ways of managing money, investments, property, and spending are diamond clear.  Some aspects of personal finance are legitimately matters of preference, where this no-nonsense book may be most distinct is the way that it expertly categorizes certain patterns and tendencies as categorically unacceptable.  Whereas most financial volumes merely add to the cacophony of opinion on personal finance, The Financial Physician speaks with clarity and authority.  Readers who stick to the Rx are well on their way to avoiding the most damaging mistakes that might otherwise ruin their financial health