The Financial Physician

Who Can Benefit

Planning for College?  There are five great ways to save for a child’s college education, but none of them can completely compensate for Failing To Plan For College Early (Chapter 21).

Getting ready to buy a new car?  Think of it as an investment.  A straightforward plan can mean a difference of over $400,000 in personal wealth by not Wasting Money On A Lifetime Of Cars (Chapter 18).

Buying a home?  Observe these three guidelines, and you will have the home you want and be able to enjoy it.  Avoid Buying Too Much House (Chapter 16).

Planning a comfortable retirement?  Woven through virtually every chapter of the book are countless tips on building and safeguarding wealth, but Not Downsizing In Retirement(Chapter 22) can prevent you from enjoying a rich, stimulating life.

New in the work force?   Ah to be young and energetic…and smart.  The Financial Physician can lay the foundation for a secure, prosperous life.  Chapter 1 Financial Illiteracythrough to Chapter 25 Not Knowing What Wealth Really Is, provides lesson after compelling lesson.  The earlier one starts, the better their life can be.

Having money problems?  Physical ill health stems from neglect and poor life style choices.  Chapters 2 through 5 detail how this is precisely the case with financial ill health. Being Financially IrresponsibleFeelings Of Material Entitlement, and Failing To Understand Your Financial Psychology explain how money troubles arise.

Ready to take on Wall Street?  Lou bookends his cautionary Chapter 10, Trusting Wall Street Has Your Best Interests At Heart, with two sage pieces of advice:  “When you deal with Wall Street, the deck is stacked against you”, and “Wall Street doesn’t work for anyone but itself and the Almighty Dollar.”  Forewarned is forearmed.

Who wears the financial pants in the family?  One source of serious financial problems and of unnecessary domestic strife is Lack Of Spousal Teamwork (Chapter 6).  Men tend to be gamblers and focused on the short term.  Women are more grounded and conservative.  The Rx is logical and productive….and it works!