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About Louis Scatigna, CFP

Lou Scatigna, CFP® has worked in the financial field for more than 36 years. During this time, he has helped a number of people manage their financial problems. This includes helping people plan for retirement and create budget plans. Additionally, Lou is a certified financial planner and tax accountant.

A little over 20 years ago, Lou decided to go a step further and began a weekly radio show entitled The Financial Physician, and he has since transitioned to making the show available more frequently in podcast form. He offers honest advice and does not shy away from problems or challenging conventional norms. On the show, he puts his years of financial experience to work. The advice he offers has been thoroughly researched and largely shown to be accurate over the course of time.

In 2009, Lou published a book under the same name as his radio show. The book offers a financial literacy quiz, advice and resources on how to manage your money. By comparing financial problems to physical ones, it helps to clarify concerns that may otherwise be difficult to understand.

Lou’s work is well-known and has been featured on major media outlets such as CNN, USA Today, Dallas Morning News, CNBC, Fox News and MSNBC.

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AFM Investments

Since 1987, AFM Investments has provided a wide range of financial planning and investment services. We combine our extensive experience and comprehensive financial knowledge to ensure that your money works for you. With over 30 years of experience, founders Louis Scatigna, CFP® and Martin Saltzman have established AFM Investments as one of the leading financial planning service in Ocean County, NJ.

When providing financial advice, Louis bases it on years of experience and hard evidence. The strategies he offers have consistently proven effective for a variety of individuals. Additionally, he’s incredibly skilled at explaining complicated financial concepts in a way that others can understand. Louis’s financial expertise has allowed him to provide excellent tax planning and retirement planning services to Ocean County, NJ and Monmouth County, NJ.

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In addition to being a certified financial planner, radio show host and author, Louis Scatigna, CFP® also once starred in and worked as an executive producer for a reality TV pilot. Entitled The Financial Physician, the show was nearly made the featured fall series on a major cable network.
About the Show: The Financial Physician stars Lou Scatigna, CFP® in a feel good reality series that gives families in financial crisis a second chance through the generosity and resourcefulness of a benevolent millionaire.
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