The Financial Physician Book

How much do you really know about finances? You may think you’re pretty well-versed, but can you tell a real financial advisor from a fake one? How about determining whether your credit is good or bad, and what that’s used for? Everyone could use a little advice for their financial concerns, and Louis Scatigna’s book The Financial Physician can help.

Published in 2009, The Financial Physician takes Louis Scatigna’s years of experience and crystalizes it into something helpful for anyone who needs financial advice. Lou takes a unique approach to explaining financial woes by comparing them to physical health concerns.

The Financial Physician offers tips on how to invest, spend, save, and otherwise manage your money. Resources to help guide you to financial security. Clarification of difficult financial concepts. Honest and reliable advice based on years of experience. Many people believe that their financial concerns are separate from their everyday life. This simply isn’t true. How people handle their finances defines many things, and can impact everything from our relationships to our health. That’s why The Financial Physician makes sure to treat your monetary concerns as integral—not tangential—to your life. Before making any financial decisions, it’s important to have a solid idea of what you’re getting into.

That’s why having a book like this is so invaluable. By sticking closely to its advice, you can feel confident in your financial choices. The Financial Physician is different than other books in its genre because it doesn’t treat the financial aspect of an individual’s life as something distinct from the individual. The way we manage debt, credit, and our estates can have a direct influence on our physical heath, the central relationships in our lives, and our happiness.

This method has proved to be incredibly useful in clarifying certain financial troubles and understanding how to address them. In this book, you’ll find: A financial literacy quiz to help you test your personal knowledge.

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